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The Ultimate Guide on Making Your Instant Photos Look Better

Instant photography is a fun and nostalgic way to capture and share memories on the spot. Despite instant photography's popularity, many people aren't aware of the fact that you can make your existing instant photos look even better.

How many times have you printed a picture from your digital or instant camera on a sheet of plain white paper only to be disappointed by the results? All those amazing photos that you took on your last vacation, birthday party, or holiday seem to look a lot less impressive once printed on a sheet of paper. When you print your instant photos, you think they will be the highlight of your day. But instead, the photos look pixelated and too dark. 

But have you been able to figure out why that happens and what to do about it? 

Well, you don't have to look elsewhere for solutions. We are here to help you exactly with that. In this blog, you'll learn how to take instant photos that are not just vibrant but look great. Read on to make use of the tips and tricks that will help your instant photos stand out.

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Keep your distance and take a picture

Getting too close to the subject can backfire with Instant Cameras. Having said that, you don't need to keep the subject too far away unless you're shooting a scenery. 

Keep your subject at a fair distance, not more than 60 cm, for them to appear sharp and clear. Photography is nothing but an experiment. Try out various angles from a distance and see what works best for you!

Click photos in natural light

Lighting is the most important factor that determines the quality of the images. It's ideal to take pictures in open spaces for natural light to flow and make your photos look brilliant. For instance, you can go around and click pictures in a park, on a terrace under the sky, on a roof-top restaurant, or near the window through which sun rays pass into your house. 

However, if you plan to shoot indoors, then make sure to use the flash feature available in Kodak Instant Camera for better contrast. 

Avoid snapping the details

Instant cameras are meant to capture your instant moments as it develops soft images. There's no need to capture the details of a place, object, or people. Doing so only ruins the whole picture. 

Remember to capture your subject from a distance of about 2 ft. For closeups, however, you can take the photos from half feet distance.  

Avoid snapping the details

Place your subject in the center

The "Rule of Thirds" applies to all types of photography, be it instant photography or professional photography. According to this rule, the images appear the best when you position your subject at the intersection points of the grid. 

Placing your subject at the center intersects it with both the horizontal and vertical lines. Hence, your photographs appear much clearer and sharper. Moreover, it prevents any form of light leakage or distortion in the image. 

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Try different backgrounds

Shoot your subject in different backgrounds, it could be the mountains, curtains, under a tree or the beaches, or even an enclosed space can work for portraits, for that matter. However, make sure not to shoot with a background that highly contrasts the subject as it takes away the limelight.

With the 4 Pass technology of Kodak Instant Camera, your photos appear realistic. This technology lets you capture the details of the place where you're shooting. Make your instant photos stand out with the subject-background combination. 

Try different backgrounds

Take candid clicks

Instant photography is meant for capturing moments in an instant, unlike professional photography, where you need to strike a pose. Candid pictures are the heart of instant cameras. 

There's no need to go all serious about clicking pictures using instant cameras. In the end, you'll either hang these pictures on the wall or keep them safe in your album. So, capture candid moments that'll bring a smile to your face instead of stressing about the perfect backdrop or pose.

Use in-built features

Why depend on the subject or surroundings when you can enhance your photos using the in-built features of the Kodak Instant Camera? Trying different angles, backgrounds and props may not always work in our favor in getting the picture that we want. That's when it's time to use the Kodak app's features that allows you to add stickers, frames, filters, and other effects to your instant photos. 

With the help of these features, you can make your photos look more visually appealing. But here's a catch! It requires practice to use these features available in Instant Cameras appropriately. So, try out different filters and effects, mix and match them with different combinations until you get the perfect picture. Alongside, you can click pictures with or without borders using Kodak Mini Shot 3 Retro. 

Use in-built features

Take selfies using flash

With the rise of smartphones, this generation has gotten used to taking selfies. Instant photo cameras are not made for taking selfies. You can, however, learn how to take good selfies at the best angle using one of the best instant print cameras of 2021- the Kodak Instant Photo Camera. 

One sure shot way to click the best selfie is to use the flash. It can make you twitch your eyes but try to keep your eyes open for the perfect shot, for it's worth it. Additionally, having an appealing background beautifies your selfie even more. 

Wrapping up

Making your instant photos look better isn't always easy. Some people decide to take the picture again with a digital camera, but that's time-consuming and expensive. The best thing to do is to make sure you get the most out of your instant camera. 

Whether you're looking to share them with friends, or you're looking to use the photos in a collage, we hope you'll be able to make your photos look their absolute best using these tips and tricks on how to use an instant camera and get the best results.

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