Kodak Fotodrucker 2-Zoll-Patrone - 60 Pack von Kodak 4pass 2.1 "x3.4" Kartusche, All-in-One-Papier- und Farbband-Patrone-Nachfüllung - kompatibel mit Kodak Mini 2, Mini 2 Plus, Mini 2 Retro, Mini-Schuss, Mini Schuss 2 Retro

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[True Color & echtes Foto] - Kodaks 4pass-Technologie druckt 2.1 x 3,4 "Foto in Layer of Ribbon und laminiert das Foto, damit Sie das Foto sofort berühren können. Es ist Fingerabdruck und wasserbeständig.
[Patentierte Technologie] - Fotos, die durch Kodaks 4Pass-Produkte gedruckt wurden, dauert sehr lange im Vergleich zu anderen Fotos. Fotos sind laminiert, um vor Luftfeuchtigkeit, Wasser und unerwünschten Kontakten zu schützen.
[All-in-One] - keine Notwendigkeit Reinigungspapier. Legen Sie einfach eine All-in-One-Kassette (Papier + Farbband) und drucken!
[Kompatibilität] - Dieses 60-Pack-Kodak-Fotopapier ist mit KODAK 2.1x3.4 "4Pass-Produkte (Mini 2, Mini 2 Plus, Mini 2 Retro, Mini-Schuss, Mini-Shous 2, Mini-Shous 2 Retro) kompatibel

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Christian Velez
They keep jamming

I haven't been able to get a single photo out of any of my cartridges. The camera is brand new, the cartridges are brand new but the ink ribbons keep bunching up inside the camera and idk what to do. I was really excited to use it, but I haven't been able to take a single photo without ribbon bunching up inside

I I can give below one, I will do that

I bought 3 cartridges but they refused to give me the delivery, pretending they have no stock at all for more than 3 months.
The customer service kept asking me to order it through amazon which is twice more expensive.

Because this company is located in South Korea, I found their South Korea market.
The price was only $8.
I ordered 8 boxes and I got it delivered to my friend's house the next day.
Company name was the same, address was the same.

Don't use this website.

Richard Boechler
So awesome!

It’s always best to order direct from Kodak. Shipping was extremely fast not to mention cheaper to get from the source as well! Product and the sheets working great so far. I wish I could get a few free ones ;)

Kathryn Kepics

The printer wouldn’t work. This is the first time I’ve ordered refills and I wasted two packs trying to get it to print.

Sharon Appleby
Fast Shipping

Got what I wanted on sale and shipping was super quick!

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