Kodak Fotodrucker 3-Zoll-Patrone - 60 Pack von Kodak 4pass 3 "X3" -Patrone, All-in-One-Papier- und Farbband-Patrone-Nachfüllung - kompatibel mit Mini-3-Quadratmeter, Mini-3-Quadrat-Retro, Mini-Schuss 3-Quadratmeter, Mini-Schuss 3-Quadratmeter Retro

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[True Color & echtes Foto] - Kodaks 4pass-Technologie druckt 3 x 3 "Fotos in Layer of Ribbon und laminiert das Foto, damit Sie das Foto sofort berühren können. Es ist Fingerabdruck und wasserbeständig.
[Patentierte Technologie] - Fotos, die durch Kodaks 4Pass-Produkte gedruckt wurden, dauert sehr lange im Vergleich zu anderen Fotos. Fotos sind laminiert, um vor Luftfeuchtigkeit, Wasser und unerwünschten Kontakten zu schützen.
[All-In-One] - Keine Reinigung von Papier. Legen Sie einfach eine All-in-One-Kassette (Papier + Farbband) und drucken!
[Kompatibilität] - Dieses 60-Pack-Kodak-Fotopapier ist mit dem Mini-3-Quadratmeter kompatibel, Mini-3-Quadrat-Retro, Mini-Schuss 3-Quadratmeter, Mini-Schuss 3-Quadrat-Retro

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Order right on my printer app on a Friday night and the package was received the following Monday. Thought i was ordering 90 photos and it ended up being 180 photos. Very pleased.

Brenda Quatrochi
Misleading delivery time.

Product was to arrive in 1-2 day but arrived in 2 weeks when I no longer needed it.

James Otto
Best thing ever!

We have our first granddaughter, who is almost nine months old. We live in Pennsylvania and our daughter lives in Virginia. For health reasons we are unable to travel down there as much as we'd like to see this beautiful little girl. Our daughter sends us pictures via text message. With the Kodak Mini I can print out beautiful full color pictures from my phone to enjoy and to share with friends. We carry the pictures everywhere.

Patrice Crosland

KODAK 4PASS Film Cartridge (3x3 inches) for KODAK Mini 3 Retro and Mini Shot 3 Retro, 60 Sheets

Travis Marshall
Horrible customer service

Took almost two months to receive my order, contacted customer service several times on status of my order, missed the vacation I ordered it for by a full month and have received zero compensation for my frustration. Do I regret purchasing this photo printer camera, yes! Do I wish I purchased the fujifilm instant printer instead, yes!

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