Kodak Fotodrucker 2-Zoll-Patrone - 60 Pack von Kodak 4pass 2.1 "x3.4" Kartusche, All-in-One-Papier- und Farbband-Patrone-Nachfüllung - kompatibel mit Kodak Mini 2, Mini 2 Plus, Mini 2 Retro, Mini-Schuss, Mini Schuss 2 Retro

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[True Color & echtes Foto] - Kodaks 4pass-Technologie druckt 2.1 x 3,4 "Foto in Layer of Ribbon und laminiert das Foto, damit Sie das Foto sofort berühren können. Es ist Fingerabdruck und wasserbeständig.
[Patentierte Technologie] - Fotos, die durch Kodaks 4Pass-Produkte gedruckt wurden, dauert sehr lange im Vergleich zu anderen Fotos. Fotos sind laminiert, um vor Luftfeuchtigkeit, Wasser und unerwünschten Kontakten zu schützen.
[All-in-One] - keine Notwendigkeit Reinigungspapier. Legen Sie einfach eine All-in-One-Kassette (Papier + Farbband) und drucken!
[Kompatibilität] - Dieses 60-Pack-Kodak-Fotopapier ist mit KODAK 2.1x3.4 "4Pass-Produkte (Mini 2, Mini 2 Plus, Mini 2 Retro, Mini-Schuss, Mini-Shous 2, Mini-Shous 2 Retro) kompatibel

Customer Reviews

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Bought over 3 weeks ago - Still nothing

I bought this over 3 weeks ago and I still haven't received anything. I'm quite disappointed because I thought it would be better to buy direct from the Kodak site, but that has not been the case.

Wrong size

I ordered what I searched for and got the wrong size cartridge, smh

It charged me in USD instead of CAD

I have been charged in USD not CAD this time. If currency keeps changing when buying each time. It really confuses customers.

Fun, very quick but a little bit of color issue

I love it but I have only one little issue with it that is unfortunate and maybe I’m doing something wrong but after a couple of photo printed, the pink color leaves some marks on the photos which kind of ruins a little bit the photo. I’ve printed lot of black and white and I can see the pinkish color a little, super annoying. Not sure why, it’s already the second cartridge doing this. A part from that, it’s really fun, easy to print and quality is fine

Rebelah Judd
Never received shipment

Id love to give a good review because I’m sure the product is great but unfortunately I never received the items I ordered.