Kodak Fotodrucker 2-Zoll-Patrone - 60 Pack von Kodak 4pass 2.1 "x3.4" Kartusche, All-in-One-Papier- und Farbband-Patrone-Nachfüllung - kompatibel mit Kodak Mini 2, Mini 2 Plus, Mini 2 Retro, Mini-Schuss, Mini Schuss 2 Retro

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[True Color & echtes Foto] - Kodaks 4pass-Technologie druckt 2.1 x 3,4 "Foto in Layer of Ribbon und laminiert das Foto, damit Sie das Foto sofort berühren können. Es ist Fingerabdruck und wasserbeständig.
[Patentierte Technologie] - Fotos, die durch Kodaks 4Pass-Produkte gedruckt wurden, dauert sehr lange im Vergleich zu anderen Fotos. Fotos sind laminiert, um vor Luftfeuchtigkeit, Wasser und unerwünschten Kontakten zu schützen.
[All-in-One] - keine Notwendigkeit Reinigungspapier. Legen Sie einfach eine All-in-One-Kassette (Papier + Farbband) und drucken!
[Kompatibilität] - Dieses 60-Pack-Kodak-Fotopapier ist mit KODAK 2.1x3.4 "4Pass-Produkte (Mini 2, Mini 2 Plus, Mini 2 Retro, Mini-Schuss, Mini-Shous 2, Mini-Shous 2 Retro) kompatibel

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Very misleading if you have the original Kodak Photo Printer Mini

I have the original Kodak Photo Printer Mini, and needed to find cartridge refills. These are NOT those refills. In a very misleading fashion, the website shows a compatibility matrix but doesn't include the Original Photo Printer Mini, which could lead you to believe the Mini and Mini 2 are equivalent. The picture of the box is just blurry enough that the text is not legible. It took research on outside forums to determine that the Mini and Mini 2 really do require separate cartridges that are not cross-compatible. Based on my experiences here, I do not plan to ever buy another Kodak product again and will speak poorly of Kodak and their products / services to anyone that will listen. The product that I purchased was great, but Kodak's failure to support it is an absolute deal killer for future product purchases and a major disappointment. I really expected better.

Donna Wilson Waller
Photo Paper

Good quality and clear photos.

Carol Timmons
Working with you to Inprove

Thank You for fulfilling and completing my order. For years I thought I wouldn't be able to find these Cartridges, I took chances and finally got online to see for myself, for Years I was told that Kodak Com. In Rochester NY, were I visit frequently had Closed there Doors for good. But when Is I Searched the website many time off and on, I came across the Cartridges that my Mini Printer uses
I love my printer, and so satisfied with the Cartridges, although there was some Issues, with contacting someone, in the end my problem was resolved. I hope that in my future purchases, there will be some way to contact someone, there were many phone numbers, but no one at those numbers (I called for to 6 days) of Kodak Employees had know no
Knowledge of anything. Looking forward to many more purchases for Kodak

Amanda Hayhurst
Great deal

It came quickly and it was a great price. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work for my camera.

Robin Ensley

Fast shipping and good quality.