5+ Kodak Mini Shot Camera Features That Bring Your Photos To Life

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No more waiting for days to get printed photos. Just click and print your photos directly from your smartphone with the Kodak Mini Shot Portable Camera. The 2 in 1, camera + printer, allows you to capture the moment and save your memories for life. You can even share your favorite photos with your friends & family. We're confident they'll appreciate this thoughtful gesture.

The Kodak Mini Shot portable camera is ideal for anyone who enjoys travelling or taking a lot of photos. Here are the top 5 features that will add that ‘extra something’ to your beautiful photos.

Click & print high resolutions photos straight from your smartphone

Kodak Mini Shot portable cameras use state-of-the-art 4Pass technology to print high-quality laminated photographs in two sizes: 3X3 and 2.1x3.4, respectively. You don’t need a separate printer, simply click & print your photos in less than 50 seconds using the 2 in 1, camera + printer. You can connect your smartphone to the printer via Bluetooth and print high-quality images straight from your phone.


Edit the photos using the FREE Kodak photo printer app

It’s time to unleash your inner artist! Download the FREE Kodak app and print your cherished moments anywhere, anytime! With the help of the app, you can personalize your memories with stickers, frames, filters, and more. The app is compatible with both Android & iOS devices.


Print in 2 ways - Border & Borderless

When it comes to the style of the photos, the choice lies with you! You can select from two different frame modes to print your photos. You have the option to print the photographs with or without the border.

Resistant to water, sunlight, and fingerprints

Make your memories last a lifetime with high-quality laminated photographs that won't fade and can last up to 100 years. Yes, you read that right!

Print only what you want

The Kodak Mini Shot Instant Cameras allow you to print the photo of your choice. You have the option to pick and print what you want.

Low paper cost

The Kodak Mini Shot Cameras have a low-maintenance cost. 60 sheets from Kodak will cost you $23.99 however 60 sheets from other brands will cost you $40.50 which means the price per film for Kodak is much lesser than other brands. Where you will pay 70¢per film with other brands, you only pay 40¢with Kodak.

Compact, light & easy to carry

The Kodak Mini Shot portable camera is super lightweight and ideal for on-the-go use. Now take your camera with you everywhere you go and print your photos instantly.
Nothing is more precious than the moments in our lives. Capture and save them forever with Kodak Mini Shot Instant Cameras.

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