Kodak Mini Shot 3 Retro 3x3 Fotocamera Istantanea Wireless Portatile e Stampante Fotografica + Pacchetto da 60 Fogli, Real Photo HD, Tecnologia 4PASS e Finitura Laminata

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  • Kodak Mini Shot 3 Retr2-In-1 Dispositivo: su mini tiro de Kodak 3 Retro le permite disparar e imprimir fotos de alta calidad en cualquier momento y en cualquier lugar. Después de tomar fabulosas tomas, puede imprimirlas directamente desde su mini disparo de Kodak o conectarlos con cualquier dispositivo móvil a través de Bluetooth e imprimir directamente desde la galería de fotos.
  • Calidad de la foto superior: el mini disparo de Kodak utiliza la tecnología 4Pass que resulta en fotos reales pendientes. Puede imprimir las fotos HD 3 x 3 pulgadas en capas de cinta con un acabado laminado. Las fotos son impermeables y a prueba de dedos, por lo que durarán durante muchos años.
  • Pruebe la aplicación KODAK: ¡puede descargar la aplicación KODAK de forma gratuita e imprimir en cualquier lugar y en cualquier momento! Decore estas fotos instantáneas con pegatinas, marcos y filtros para un efecto único y divertido. La aplicación es compatible con iOS y dispositivos Android.
  • La mejor impresora de fotos: todo lo que se necesita para disfrutar de fabulosas fotos impresas es su dispositivo móvil y el KODAK 4PASS! Use este dispositivo revolucionario en interiores, al aire libre o en estudios profesionales para convertir sus fotos al instante.

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Majid Inanloo

KODAK Mini Shot 3 Retro 4PASS 2-in-1 Instant Camera and Photo Printer (3x3") + 68 Sheets Bundle

Jimmy Chan
Mini Shot 3 Retro 2-in-1 Instant Camera and Photo Printer + Instant Print 3x3 Cartridge

The good:
1. The colour reproduction is generally quite good in most situations. The digital prints have better clarity and precision than analogue instant film.
2. The dynamic range and the resolution of the prints are quite good. It might be the characteristics of zink paper/printing looks like there is a layer of metallic tint finish when viewed against the light.
3. It has a cost per print ratio advantage in comparison with analogue instant film for now.
4. The printing time is reasonably quick. It's interesting to see the 4-pass printing process with the kids.

The bad:
1. Digital printing devices have battery life disadvantage against the analogue cameras and film. May need a battery bank when using outdoor.
2. There is overheating warning it needs to take a short break to cool down after every 6 to 7 prints. The zink printing process is temperature sensitive.
3. The resolution and clarity of the small LCD screen on the device is quite poor by today standard. The image quality of most modern day mobile phones surpass this camera. If instant camera/printing is not required it's cheaper to get the printer only version.
4. There is no memory card and cannot save photos for later editing or printing (quite analogue in this respect).
5. Potential reliability issue with the cartridges. So far I have one unusable cartridge. The roller (ink) came off due to spring malfunction and 10 zink papers wasted. Kodak might want to allow customers to order replacement cartridges without the zink papers in the future.
6. The new Kodak Photo Printer app is very basic in comparison with the competition. It needs to improve significantly i.e. no text or graphics can be added to the photos or removable slips; editing options are very limited.
7. The Kodak Photo Printer app has issue with border printing. In the app it shows the 1:1 photo to be adjusted within the border. In reality the prints only barely add the border on the image without adjustment meaning the outside edge of the image is covered by/crop away by the border.
8. The prints struggle to reproduce certain colour gradient or dynamic range i.e. the sky of sunrise/sunset (red/orange/blue/purple/white); colour reflection on the coast/beach/sand (yellow/blue/white)

The ugly:
It's a lot of plastic waste for 10 prints. Kodak definitely needs to consider providing outlets for cartridge recycling in different countries. These products are not for the environmental friendly or conscious consumers as it stands.

Sharon Short
Haven’t received it !

Haven’t received it !

Celia Marruffo
My son loves this bundle!

I recently bought this bundle as a birthday gift for my son. My son told me that he loves this gift the most because now he's able to take photos with his friends and print them out instantly. He loves the quality of the instant prints and he loves how easy it is to use.

Guillaume Chapalain

Kodak Mini Shot 3 Retro 3x3 Portable Wireless Instant Camera & Photo Printer + 60 Sheets Bundle, Real Photo HD, 4PASS Technology & Laminated Finish

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