コダックミニショット3レトロ3x3ポータブルワイヤレスインスタントカメラ&フォトプリンター+ 60枚バンドル、リアルフォトHD、4PASSテクノロジー&ラミネート仕上げ

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  • Kodak Mini Shot 3 Retro 2-IN-1デバイス:Kodak Mini Shot 3 Retroを使用すると、いつでもどこでも高品質の写真を撮影して印刷できます。すばらしい写真を撮った後、Kodak Mini Shot 3 Retroから直接印刷するか、Bluetooth経由で任意のモバイルデバイスに接続して、フォトギャラリーから直接印刷することができます。
  • 優れた写真品質:コダックミニショットは4Passテクノロジーを使用しており、優れたリアル写真を実現します。 HD 3 x 3インチの写真を、ラミネート仕上げのリボンのレイヤーで印刷できます。写真は防水性と耐指性があるので、何年も持ちます。
  • コダックアプリをお試しください:コダックアプリを無料でダウンロードして、いつでもどこでも印刷できます!これらのインスタント写真をステッカー、フレーム、フィルターで飾り、ユニークで楽しい効果を生み出します。アプリはiOSおよびAndroidデバイスと互換性があります。
  • 最高の写真プリンター:すばらしい印刷写真を楽しむために必要なのは、モバイルデバイスとKodak4Passだけです。この革新的なデバイスを屋内、屋外、またはプロのスタジオで使用して、写真を即座に変換します。

Customer Reviews

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Ann Partridge

Love the camera affordable quick good quality. Everyone loves it

Camilla Lonero

Kodak Mini Shot 3 Retro 3x3 Portable Wireless Instant Camera & Photo Printer + 60 Sheets Bundle, Real Photo HD, 4PASS Technology & Laminated Finish

Lewin Chalkley
nice but.....

Nice little camera / printer. Could use a memory card slot and should defo tell you how many prints you have left. But more importantly what are we supposed to do with the empty cartridges? Is there a return system in place? Seems really bad to chuck in landfill. No details enclosed with the camera on what to do with them. It's 2022.

Not bad, but not necessarily good

I love that you can see the photo you've taken before deciding whether or not to print it. I also like that you can add borders to pictures. And there's a timer you can set for taking pictures. But I have two problems with it:

1 - It doesn't tell you how many more pictures you can take before you run out of paper. Even my Polaroid from the '90s did that.
2 - Despite the camera having supposedly having 10 megapixels, I don't believe it. Just about every picture I've taken with the camera has printed fuzzy. I also printed a picture from my phone. This picture was not taken with my phone, but with a Canon digital camera with five megapixels that I got in 2004. This picture printed much clearer than anything I've taken with my Kodak mini shot.

I honestly don't believe that this camera has 10 megapixels. My Canon digital camera with five megapixels from 2004 has taken clearer pictures. The Kodak mini shot has the picture clarity of a 20th century Polaroid. I don't regret buying this camera, but I wouldn't recommend it.

David Withers
Kodak Mini Shot 3 Retro 3x3 Portable Wireless Instant Camera & Photo Printer

Perfect photos and very easy to use just what I wanted, Thank you Kodak.