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  • Bester Fotodrucker: Verbinden Sie Ihren Kodak Mini 2 Retro Portable-Drucker an ein beliebiges mobiles Gerät und erhalten Sie Ihre Lieblingsbilder in druck, wo immer Sie sind! Stellen Sie sicher, dass Sie Ihre Lieblings-Momentaufnahmen immer halten, damit Sie sie später erneut überprüfen können. Es verwendet eine stabile drahtlose Verbindung, die leicht an Ihr Gerät gekoppelt werden kann.
  • Stellar-Fotoqualität: Mit der Kodak-4pass-Technologie können Sie hochwertige Fotos sofort drucken. Sie erhalten Premium 2,1 x 3,4-Zoll-Fotos, die in Layer of Ribbon mit einem laminierenden Prozess gedruckt werden, der sie fingerprintfest und wasserdicht macht.
  • Genießen Sie die KODAK MOBILE APP: Die Drucken von Fotos ist mit der kostenlosen Kodak-App einfach. Verbinden Sie es an Ihr Android- oder iOS-Gerät und drucken Sie Ihre Lieblings-Snaps überall und jederzeit.
  • Praktisch und einfach: Um fehlerlose gedruckte Fotos zu erhalten, ist Ihr Kodak Mini 2 Retro und ein mobiles Gerät.
  • Für Ihre Angehörigen: Feiern Sie die schönsten Momente in Ihrem Leben mit kostbaren gedruckten Fotos, die jedem helfen, sich an die liebevollen Zeiten zu erinnern. Verwenden Sie den Instant Polaroid-Drucker, um schöne Scrapbooks zu erstellen, die jeder genießen wird.

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Ankit Abhishek

Love it!

Steve Robison
Cool little gadget

Cool little gadget. Makes very good photos and is very portable. Can take it anywhere and print photos on its own power wirelessly. Happy with purchase.

Layla Rael
never got it!

says that my package was delayed and then it never game/ got any shipment updates :( can i get a refund/get sent another one?

Richardson Ng
Product is Fine, Service is Horrible

I ordered this on Nov 25 for my gf for Christmas. It said shipping takes 1-2 weeks. I didn't receive after 3 weeks so I contacted Kodak on Dec 18 and they said it was back ordered and available back in 2 weeks. I check again a month later and they said the same thing. Back ordered and available back in 2 weeks. This time I waited 2 months and checked on March 15. They replied 3 days later and said product has been ordered and will ship out soon. I get a message a few hours later that my package is on the way. It's like they forgot my order was even there. After waiting 4 months to receive my printer and having to find another gift for my gf for Christmas, I contacted support again to see if there is any compensation for shipping taking so long and they said there is no compensation.

TLDR: Product takes 4 months to ship and Kodak does not care. If you really want this printer order it from amazon or somewhere else.

Flor Medina
Getting Another One

I bought this little printer about two weeks ago. I really like it. The colors are not as vivid as I expected. You can print in color or black and white. I thought I had ordered the black one but received the yellow one, really think that was my fault. It is light weight, it comes very well packed, ready to wrap. I printed a picture of my daughter and her boyfriend and she loved it. You can access your IG, FB and Google photos to print. You can edit your pictures. You can make little collages of up to 6 pictures (grid style). You can adjust the brightness, contrast, saturation and sharpness. You have 13 colored frames. It has four filters. It has a beauty feature, you can change the shape of your eyes or nose, make your face slim, change your chin, the length of your face. Pics are 2.1 X 3.4

It turns off on its own if you are not using it, that's pretty cool; you save battery. Connects to your phone via blue tooth using the app. Easy download.

I am getting one for my sister and another for my daughter. Giving it 4 stars because of the colors and the sharpness, but it does not bother me a lot.

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