Kodak Mini 2 Retro 2.1x3.4インチポータブルインスタントフォトプリンター、ワイヤレス接続、4Passテクノロジーおよびラミネートプロセス

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  • カメラ+プリンターコンボ–コダックミニショット2レトロをいつでもどこでも、撮影して印刷できます。 Kodak Mini Shot 2 Retroから直接写真を撮って印刷するか、Bluetooth経由で任意のモバイルデバイスに接続してフォトギャラリーから印刷することができます。
  • STELLAR PHOTO QUALITY –コダックミニショットの最先端の4Passテクノロジーは、本物の写真を瞬時に印刷します。プレミアム2.1x 3.4インチの写真は、リボン+ラミネート加工のレイヤーで印刷されるため、指紋防止、耐水性があり、他の写真印刷技術と比較して品質が非常に長持ちします。
  • コダックモバイルアプリをお楽しみください:無料のコダックアプリを使用すると、写真を簡単に印刷できます。 AndroidまたはiOSデバイスに接続して、いつでもどこでもお気に入りのスナップを印刷してお楽しみください。
  • 実用的で簡単:完璧な印刷写真を取得するために必要なのは、Kodak Mini 2Retroとモバイルデバイスだけです。
  • あなたの愛する人のために:あなたの人生で最も美しい瞬間を、誰もがそれらの大切な時間を思い出すのに役立つ貴重な印刷された写真で祝ってください。インスタントポラロイドプリンターを使用して、誰もが楽しめる美しいスクラップブックを作成します。

Customer Reviews

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Ifana alfa
Waste money

I just bought P21OR mini 2 retro. I downloaded the app of Kodak Photo printer and installed.
I paired the phone and P21OR mini 2 retro and it paired sucessfully.
When I open the app, it cannot connect with the P21OR mini 2 retro.
It always shows an unsuccessful connection between the app and P21OR mini 2 retro.
I tried to re install the app and re pair the Bluetooth connection but those did not help anything.

Worst Printer

I used less than 5 times since I bought this useless device.
Every cartridge has 30 pieces of photo to print.
This printer wasted half of the cartridge because halfway through the printing the devices auto shut off!
The battery level from full 100% falls to 40% in less than 10 prints. This is ridiculous. What a waste of money. I feel cheated.

Gina Ponce
Save your $$

I think I used it 6 or 7 times and it stopped working - it shuts off while printing. waste of $$. I am disappointed because it seems that Kodak isn’t doing much to make this right when it keeps happening to many people!


EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED with this product and even more so with Kodak customer support. I remember when the Kodak brand actually stood for something. I will never purchase a Kodak product again.

Purchased mini 2 unit in 2020 and used it to print less than a cartridge of pictures. It worked fine at the time. I have not printed anything since. Attempted to print a couple pictures of my kids today with new cartridges and nothing but prompts to insert new print cartridge. I wasted more $$$$ on defective cartridges today than what the actual printer was worth. So either the cartridges are defective or the actual printer is dollar store quality and defective. Either way, if you experience any issue, app just continuously prompts you to insert a new cartridge.

For a business model that’s built on repeat cartridge customers, unit itself should last more than 10 picture prints. Or maybe it’s just a money grab at this point.

Image quality is poor

I had a previous version of this printer and it worked great. Quality was fantastic until it stopped working after about 20 photos in. I got this printer to replace it and the photo quality is very poor compared to my previous version. Even when using the appropriate or higher pixels required. Extremely disappointed.

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