KODAK Mini Shot 4 ERA 2-in-1 Instant Camera and Photo Printer (4x4) (Camera + 8 Sheets)

$229.99 Sale price $289.99
  • 🎉[World's First 4x4 Inch Instant Camera] World's First 4x4 Inch Instant Camera! Innovating Instant Photography! The KODAK Mini Shot 4 ERA pioneers instant photography with the world's first 4x4 inch prints. Ideal for restaurant owners, elevate your establishment by using prints in menus, decorating walls with personalized customer photos, or featuring prints on the outdoor menu board for a unique touch.
  • 🎁 [ Gift that brings happiness all the time ] If you gift Kodak Mini Shot 4 ERA to your girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, husband, mother, father and your loved ones, it will truly bring joy. Gift this instant camera to your loved ones and capture a lifetime of happy moments with them.
  • 🏅 [Premium Quality Prints] 24Bit / 16.7 Million Color. Refine saturation and enhance color display by ‘Highlight Saturation’ improvement. Utilizing 4PASS technology, the Kodak Mini Shot 4 ERA delivers flawless prints. The laminated, multi-layerd prints are fingerprint and water-resistant, ensuring your memories last long. Capture lasting memories with the nostalgic border or go for a larger size with the borderless option.
  • 🌠 [ Auto Focus & Face Detection ] Auto Focus & Face Detection: Effortless Precision in Every Shot! Capture detailed shots effortlessly with the KODAK Mini Shot 4 ERA's auto-focus and face detection features, ensuring sharp and clear photos.
  • 📷 [ Instant Camera + Photo Printer ] Instant Camera + Photo Printer: All-in-One Instant Gratification! The KODAK Mini Shot 4 ERA serves as your go-to instant camera and photo printer. Print or cancel images on the spot, and connect to print directly from your mobile device via Bluetooth.
  • 💸 [ Lowest Photo Cost ] Lowest Photo Cost: Budget-Friendly Printing Made Easy! Bid farewell to expensive prints! The KODAK Mini Shot 4 ERA simplifies printing, offering photos at half the cost when purchased in a camera bundle.