Kodak Photo Printer 4 Inch Cartridge - 80 Pack of Kodak 4PASS 4x6 Inch Cartridge, All-in-One Paper and Color Ribbon Cartridge Refill

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  • BOLD, VIBRANT COLOR – Combination Ink Cartridge Prints High-Quality Full Color Photographs; Compatible with Kodak Dock Printer
  • UNIQUE D2T2 INNOVATION – Advanced Dye Diffusion Transfer Technology Applies Colors Quickly & Evenly; Maximum Gradation Reduces Blurring & Distortion
  • LONG LASTING PRINTS – Unique 4th Layer Overcoat Laminates Paper to Preserve Image Quality; Creates Humidity & Fingerprint Resistant Finish That Won’t Fade
  • EASY MAINTENANCE – Simple Cartridge Refills Are Effortless to Remove & Replace; Pull with Two Fingers to Eject, Then Insert New Cartridge to Resume Printing
  • MULTIPLE REFILL PACKS – Choose from Photo Increments of 40, 80, or 120; Great for Printing Portrait Photos, Landscapes, Family Pictures, Greeting Cards & More
Description of the film cartridge for Kodak Dock Plus photo printer, which is a photo printer that can dock any type of smartphones to print photos instantly.

Customer Reviews

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Christopher Moore

I’m having trouble using my Kodak photo printer. It’s not letting me print out pictures and it is not holding a charge. It’s brand new just took it out the box to use for the first time because I finally purchased the ink cartilage

Jodi Kurlander


Tyler Smith
Problems with customer service

I had a coupon code and as soon as I clicked Apple Pay, it processed the transaction without giving me the opportunity to use the promo code. I immediately contacted customer service hoping that they could refund me the difference for the promo code. I had someone reach out to me a couple days later saying they would forward my email to the proper department and someone would contact me. I haven’t heard anything from them. I reached out a couple times to the one person that contacted me, and he apologized for no one reaching out and he would look into it, but I still haven’t been contacted by anyone.

John Michael Cox
Issues with new Mini Retro 3, KODAK App, and Customer Service

My Mini 3 Retro came with a cartridge and paper that would not print the moment it was first unboxed. From my understanding, additional cartridges are meant to come with the Mini Retro 3 when purchased. This was not the case. So, the device was unusable the moment it was opened.

Upon using the App to purchase a cartridge with paper that worked, I was sent to a page for an entirely different device (a larger KODAK printer) that sold printing paper for that specific device. I purchased this paper and cartridge without realizing it was for a different device. After contacting customer service, I never received a reply. Be it the case I could not get a refund, I did not even receive a reply.

The app and website provides little guidance on which specific cartridges to purchase when replacement is needed (never mind the fact that the cartridge the Mini Retro 3 came with didn’t work).

Cheryl Pollard

So when I installed the ink cartridge and the paper it worked for 2 pictures and then I kept getting a message that said there was paper in the unit so I checked and there was no paper blocking anything. Now I can't get it to print. I'm very sad, I love that insta printer it's perfect. Now I don't know what to do to fix it and make it work again.