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7+ Tips for Travel Photography with Your Instant Camera

Instant Cameras have made an overwhelming comeback with the growing need of adding an aesthetic tinge to life. With Kodak Instant Cameras, you can capture and print your memories instantaneously. In a world where connections are a click away and the best memories can be shared via thousands of tiny bits of data - having the opportunity to have your cherished moments instantly in your hand is indeed a privilege.
Instant cameras are a pocket-friendly blessing if you enjoy travelling and taking pictures. Continue reading for some useful tips on how to improve your ‘instant camera travel photography’.

1. Natural Light is a gift

When using instant cameras, the best picture quality is achieved when the scenery is evenly lit. The best days for pictures are the cloudy days. You can take pictures in sunlight as long as there aren’t any dramatic changes in light.

2. Avoid Details to Avoid Blurring

Instant cameras are known for their soft, washed-out effects, unlike analog photography which highly focuses on details.
Instant Cameras are ideal for atmospheric photographs of people, landscapes, and objects that are not too close to the camera.
For clarity and sharpness in a photograph, be sure to take your click at least 60 cm distance from the object.

3. Avoid High Contrast in the Frame

Since instant cameras are not best equipped for dynamic photography, you should avoid having contrasting colors and bright light in the frame. Take your shots in soft light so that there are not many shadows. This helps avoid dramatic play of light, giving you quality photographs.

4. Take a Variety of Photographs 

While you’re traveling, sceneries may repeat themselves. You might want to frame the same scenery- once at sunrise, once during mid-day, and once at sunset. But Instant cameras only have a limited number of prints- and on the go, it may be difficult to re-fill photo papers. Therefore, make the most of what you have. Click a variety of pictures, experiment, let yourself out of your comfort zone, it’s worth it.

5. Use the Monochrome Filter for Classy Clicks

You can use the monochrome filter to get out-of-the-box atmospheric photos.
In times as these when retro and vintage aesthetics are making a huge comeback, monochrome filter combined with the softness of instant photos makes your pictures stand out.

6. Center Your Subject

Instant cameras aren’t meant for professional photography. Sharp results can’t be expected from these cameras. If you want your photographs to have maximum clarity, be sure to center your subject to avoid distortion.
If the subject is on the edge, unexpected light leaks might ruin the photograph.

7. Experiment with minimalistic backgrounds

Avoiding high contrast and a high dynamic range is a must for exceptional photo quality. Gravitate towards simple sceneries and backgrounds such as blue skies, simple architecture, and white walls.
An approach to minimalism helps you avoid busy compositions. It also gives you the space to have an ample amount of spotlight on your subject. This results in comparatively more visually appealing images.

8. Get Creative, use the Double Exposure Feature!

Kodak Instant Cameras allow the double exposure feature. They are perfect for creating imaginative, surreal, and humorous photos. To make it look interesting, use one light and one dark image.
You meet new people when travelling. While most people would share their Facebook accounts, you may go old school and give them a handcrafted instant memory to treasure (you can always find them online later :p).
The photographs are ideal for scrapbooking or adding to your portfolio.

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