Christmas Tree Decor Ideas

Christmas Tree Decor Ideas

It is Christmas time! Are you in the Christmas spirit yet? There are so many ways to get into the holiday spirit like, turning up Christmas songs and playing them on repeat, Pulling out your Christmas pajamas, Googling “Unique Christmas gift ideas” for your loved ones, putting on decoration lights, and most importantly, putting up your Christmas tree.

What else is the best way to get in the Christmas spirit than decorating your Christmas tree? Are you looking for some unique Christmas tree ideas or elegant Christmas tree decorating ideas or for DIY Christmas tree decoration ideas to change things up this year- we are here with some ideas to spice things up this year with the help of your Kodak photo printer / Kodak Instant cameras-

1. Photo Ornaments

Instead of using the same decorations year after year, mix things up by hanging some of your instant photos on the Christmas tree like regular ornaments. They're quite simple to create. Begin by selecting the photos you want to display on the tree. Use your Kodak Bluetooth photo printer to turn your digital photos into physical photos in about 45 seconds if they haven't been printed yet. Then punch a hole in the photo's border and place it on the tree with a string or ribbon of your choice.

2. Kodak Tree

Is your dorm or apartment too small for a traditional Christmas tree? Don't worry, Kodak's instant photo printers and Bluetooth photo printers will come to your rescue. Simply choose several photos and arrange them in the shape of a Christmas tree, starting at the top with one shot and gradually increasing the number of photos as you go down. After you've created the shape, you'll want to add fairy lights to finish it out. It takes some time, but the end product is well worth the effort.

3. Photo Wreath

Making a photo wreath is quite simple. All you'll need for the shape is an embroidery hoop or something with a circular structure, some photos, and masking tape. Then, from behind, stack the images and tape each one to the hoop, leaving enough space to attach a hanging piece and hang it on the Christmas tree. Isn't it simple to make a photo wreath?

4. Photo Garland

Yes, you read it correctly, a photo garland. All you need is a string (make sure it's thick so it can handle the images), masking tape, and instant photos of your choice to make it. Tape the images from behind to hide the tape on the string, making sure to leave an equal amount of space between each. Continue in this manner until the garland reaches the desired size. That's it; instead of the same old boring garland you've seen for years, you now have a garland with all of your fondest memories on it. When hanging this garland on the Christmas tree, add some Christmas lights to make the images on the garland stand out.

Christmas tree decoration ideas 2021 made using Kodak photo printers and instant photo cameras will last a lifetime. Kodak instant photographs are waterproof, fingerprint-proof, and of high-quality thanks to 4 Pass printing technology.

These are some unusual Christmas tree decoration ideas to consider. So, what are you still waiting for? Go ahead and make your Christmas tree decorations with the help of Kodak Photo Printers or Instant Cameras.

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