How to Click Instagram-worthy Pictures With Your Kodak Instant Cameras?

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Instagram has taken over the world by storm over the past decade. Everyone is out on a mission to click the most mesmerizing shots they can and upload them for the world to see on their account. We're all adamant about beautifying our profile and luring people with our "feed". There is something deeply satisfying when someone drops a few words of appreciation under your pictures, especially ones that showcase your photography skills. 

We all have a few accounts we follow on Instagram solely for the quality of pictures they upload. They keep leaving you wanting more with their stunning quality or flawless filter usage. 

So, what does this mean? Have you ever wanted to own a feed like this? Wouldn't it feel nice to amass a large number of followers who appreciate your talent? 

Do you own a Kodak Instant Camera and are keen to show your photography skills to the world?

Well, fret not, you've come to the right place. The usage of Instant Cameras to operate Instagram is rare, but these are a few points one needs to bear in mind when starting their account with a Kodak Instant Camera. 

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1. Understanding the difference 

This may be obvious, but the first thing is to understand the difference between Instant Cameras and other regular cameras in the market. The user needs to understand the limitations an Instant Camera has in comparison to a Digital camera. Alternatively, certain benefits make Kodak’s Portable Instant Cameras more advantageous than the regular cameras out in the market. 

A photographer is only as good as his/her camera allows him to be. This is why it's of vital importance to familiarize yourself with your tool as intricately as possible. Spend as much time meticulously researching every feature of your camera. This will help optimize your future shots and to click truly Instagram-worthy pictures. 

Understanding the difference between Instant Cameras and other regular cameras - Kodak Photo Printer

2. Filters Are Friends

Think about it, don't all your favorite Instagram accounts use a fixed filter on the pictures they upload? Why do you think that is? 

Using a similar sort of filter is a great way to ensure photo uniformity. It breathes life into your feed by making sure every post complements each other in terms of visuals and aesthetics. This strategy helps beautifully tie your account together by considering every post equally important in the way your feed is presented to a viewer. 

Use filters to ensure photo uniformity - Kodak Photo Printer

3. Little Details Matter 

If you're particular about the neatness of your feed, you'll need to pay special attention to even the smallest of details to ensure you check all the boxes. You can decide whether the pictures you upload will have a border or not, you can also determine if you'd like accompanying text to occupy the borders. 

It's always a good idea to maintain the same resolution for all pictures as well. Additionally, you may either stick to landscape or portrait mode when uploading pictures. Mixing it up in a pre planned manner to not ruin the overall presentation of your feed is advisable too. 

pay special attention to even the smallest of details - Kodak Photo Printer

4. Mind Your Angles

Just like when it comes to human faces, angles can make or break a shot even when it comes to natural/object photography. As a photographer, you need to experiment with different angles before finally going with one that looks most flattering. 

We realize this may seem like a tedious process but it is necessary to make your feed a true blessing to sore eyes. Practice and patience are key when it comes to mastering this step. 

Try different angles before finally going with one that looks most flattering - Kodak Photo Printer

5. Play With The Settings 

You don't have to be overly rigid with your photography just to maintain a theme for your feed. A good theme allows a bit of flexibility to creep in to keep things from becoming monotonous and lackluster. 

This is where you can begin to play around with your camera settings. You can adjust the lighting or perhaps enhance the shadow effect for a more perfect shot. Try a bit of everything. This is also a great way to familiarize yourself with your camera's features and tools, so definitely do not miss out on this. 

Play With The Settings - Kodak Photo Printer

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6. Color Experiments 

Are you a fan of black & white pictures? Or do you always love a splash of color to liven up all your snaps? Why not balance it out in a way that it brings out a new dimension of aesthetics to your feed? 

Choosing between colored or black and white pictures is a tough call that even most professionals don't know how to make corrections. Just follow your instincts and try to envision your new post among your older ones to see how it fits into your feed. Go ahead and post once you're completely satisfied! 

Experiment with colours - Kodak Photo Printer

7. Avoid Blurring & Grains

Although they are an emerging trend, blurry & grainy aesthetics haven't quite yet found their way into Instant Cameras yet so it's advisable to focus on sharper, more in-focus pictures for now. 

Steady hands are very important when taking that wonderful shot that will land up on your Instagram account. The beauty of Instant Cameras lies in the crispness of the shots, especially when it comes to cameras like the Kodak Mini 3 Retro that emphasizes picture quality with its unique 4PASS patented technology. 

Avoid Blurring and Grains - Kodak Photo Printer

8. Props Are Your Friends 

When placed right, props can greatly enhance the quality of a shot. They reduce awkward, empty spaces in the frame by filling it up with something cute & desirable, like a keychain. It adds an element of cuteness as well as glamor when done right. 

However, adding props to your pictures doesn't necessarily mean overcrowding the frame. It is very important to keep that distinction in mind whenever picking your props. 

Props Are Your Friends

9. Invest In Accessories 

The market is flooded with wonderful tools and gadgets which help upgrade your photography skills. These accessories are a great way to enhance the quality of your Instagram feed, especially if your page is more inclined towards indoor photography. 

There are tons of different lights you can invest in, each coming with a different color, features, and more. You may also choose from different camera stabilizers to avoid those blurry shots and make perfection the norm on your feed. 

These are some of the top things you should keep in mind when setting up your own Instagram account using an Instant Camera. Instant Cameras produce different results from regular cameras so it will take you some time to get used to them. However, the results will more than make up for the efforts should you choose to persevere. The important thing is to have fun with what you do so start clicking away!

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