Memorable Holiday Activities To Do At Home: Christmas Things To Do At Home

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It is Christmas time- with the smell of hot chocolate, decorations around the house, Lights lighting up your hallway, and a Christmas tree in the corner of your living room, we are just days away from Christmas. 

Christmas is a holiday everyone in the family waits for, as it is a holiday we spend with our family and create new memories. During holidays we always buzz our heads with questions such as What are some good holiday activities? How do you make holidays fun? So, here are some fun, memorable Christmas activities to do at home this holiday season:-

1. Shh... Secret Santa

Secret Santa is the Christmas game. Anyone and everyone can play the game. It's one of the popular holiday games played around the world between friends, family, and even between coworkers to increase team bonding.

2. Ho... Ho... Holiday PhotoBooth

It is Christmas we all can agree that we will have a family gathering to meet our grandparents, aunt, Uncle, annoying little cousins, and many more family members at this family dinner. We all take photos of these gatherings, rather build a Photobooth of your own. Using Kodak Instant camera to take photos is an ideal option as the instant cameras give out a photo that lasts lifelong.

3. Decorations are always a YES!

Christmas decorations will always bring out your creative side. The decoration is the OG fun holiday activity to do at house. Decorating the house is the first activity we do as it is one way to ring in the holiday season, and it is a super fun activity to do with the whole family. Do capture some candid pictures with Kodak Instant Cameras while decorating.

4. It is Time for Gingerbread House Decoration

Ginger Breadhouse decoration is delightful as you get to put out your creative side. To make it a little more fun, Try having a contest between all the family members to see who can be the winner of this challenge. Crank up the competitive spirit by offering prizes for the most imaginative, most unpleasing, or most lifelike creation.

5. Time for a Christmas Photoshoot

We all have fun being around our loved ones during the holiday season, so what better reason to do a photoshoot on a holiday season where everyone's spirits are high. So don't forget to commemorate the occasion. Take a few minutes to pose for a group photo so you have a record of all that love in one room that you can look back on, year after year.

6. An Ugly Sweater Party is never out of style

Make this Christmas more fun by having an ugly sweater party. This party gives you a chance to showcase your creative side where you get to make funny, silly sweaters and wear them to a party with your friends, family, or work colleagues.  Invite your loved ones and hold a competition for the most creative, witty, or elaborate outfits and have fun.


Here are some ways to spend the holiday season and we know that there are definitely so many more ways to have fun during this holiday season, make sure you capture all the memories with Kodak Instant cameras. 

Kodak has 2 different Instant cameras- Kodak Mini Shot 2 Retro {prints out the photo in 2.1 x 3.4}, and Kodak Mini Shot 3 Retro {prints out the photo in 3 x 3}. They are both 2 in 1 cameras, they can be used as an Instant camera and also as an Instant printer. The photographs produced by Kodak Instant cameras are of top quality as they use 4Pass technology making the photos fingerprint-proof & water-resistant, which makes them stay untouched for a lifetime. 

We hope you have fun this holiday season with your loved ones and don’t forget to get a Kodak Instant camera to capture all the fun-filled memories this holiday season.

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