The Advantages of Owning Kodak Instant Photo Printers

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The memories we share with our loved ones are truly priceless & irreplaceable. Each memory holds a special place in our hearts. 

Whether it's watching that perfect sunset with your significant other on the beach or celebrating your best friends' birthday, getting your first car or your pet's first day at home; the recollection of all these memories is what makes our life truly memorable.

It's only natural to want to document and capture these memories in order to preserve them forever. 

Kodak brings you the best portable Instant Photo Printers to help you print and treasure the best moments of your life. 

Bring Your Memories To Life

No more long delays to bring your cherished memories back to life, the portable Instant Photo Printers from Kodak allow you to print the photos directly from your smartphone in less than 50 seconds. The instant printers are compatible with both iOS and Android devices. 

For everyone who enjoys travelling or vacationing, Kodak instant printers are definitely a must-have! It takes up no room in your suitcase and is small enough to take with you on your travels. 

Instant Printers For Different Sizes

You can print a postcard-sized photograph with the Kodak Dock Plus. The Kodak Mini 3 Retro prints 3x3'' photos, whereas the Kodak Mini 2 prints 2.1X3.4'' photos. Simply connect your phone to the printer using Bluetooth to print the photos of your choice. 

Exceptional Print Quality

Kodak uses cutting-edge dye sublimation type (4PASS) technology across all its products. Photographs are compact but sharp and of high-quality when compared to competitors. 

Make Your Choice With Borders

Kodak’s portable Instant Photo Printers allow you to choose if you want borders on your photograph or not. 

Introduce Your Aesthetic Into Your Photographs

With a simple tap on your phone, you can unleash your creativity and modify your photographs before printing using the Kodak photo printer app, available for FREE download on the play store & app store.

Water, Sunlight & Fingerprint Resistant

The photographs are water, sunlight and fingerprint resistant. Kodak instant printers print high quality laminated photos that you can save and cherish for a lifetime. 

Low-cost Print Sheet & Film

The Kodak Instant printers have a low-maintenance cost. Per film cost for Kodak instant photo printers ranges between 30 to 40 cents which much lesser than other brands. 

The Instant Photo Printers from Kodak come with everything you need 

Accessories included in Kodak Dock Plus Instant Printer Bundle:

  • Cartridge for 10 prints

  • Photo papers 10 sheets

  • Cartridge box 80 sheets

  • USB cable

  • 8 PIN adaptor

  • User manual 

Accessories included in the Kodak retro mini 2 & 3 printer bundle:

  • USB cable

  • User manual

  • Cartridge box (60 sheets)

  • Sample cartridge (8 sheets) 

Print your memories in a snap and share your special events with family and friends anytime, anywhere with Kodak Instant Photo Printers!

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