Imprimante photo instantanée portable Kodak Dock Plus 4x6", processus 4Pass et de plastification

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  • Imprimez vos souvenirs: avec le Kodak Dock Plus, vous pouvez imprimer vos images préférées instantanément depuis vos appareils mobiles! En utilisant une connexion Bluetooth fiable et stable, cette imprimante d'image instantanée peut vous aider à économiser des mémoires intemporelles.
  • Qualité Photo Stellar: Kodak Dock Plus utilise la technologie 4Pass pour imprimer des photos sans faille instantanément. Chaque photo est imprimée dans des couches de ruban avec un processus de stratification, de sorte qu'il est résistant à l'empreinte digitale et résistant à l'eau pour une qualité durable.
  • Free Kodak App: Nous avons développé une application Kodak gratuite qui vous permet d'imprimer n'importe où et à tout moment. Vous pouvez profiter de la décoration de vraies photos avec des autocollants, des cadres et des filtres avec une application simple et intuitive compatible avec les appareils iOS et Android.
  • Adapté aux utilisateurs: Notre imprimante photo instantanée de Notre Dock Plus peut être utilisée à tout moment et n'importe où pour vous aider à décrire des souvenirs intemporels. Il utilise une goupille d'accueil pré-installée USB-C et comprend un connecteur de foudre pour les appareils iOS. Cette imprimante n'utilise plus la fonction PictBridge, il est donc moins compliqué et beaucoup plus efficace.
  • Partagez avec vos proches: Cette imprimante instantanée vous permet de partager des souvenirs uniques et intemporels avec votre famille et vos amis. Imprimez vos moments préférés et gardez-les intacts pour toujours!

Customer Reviews

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Cecilia Kolano
VERY disappointed

Impossible to print , instructions are crappy, I would return it if I could! Total waste . Should be able to plug and print!

nadia fakoory
The worst! Do not buy!

Received it as a gift. It printed one great picture (taken in sunlight) then 9 more that look like they’re from 1998. Every 10 pictures you have to changed the printer cartridge! Fine. It over heats if your print 3 pictures in a row. Fine. The entire printer broke after the first 10 pictures. Imagine the plastic waste! The accessory pack came with 2 more cartridges: one looked broken after I pulled it back out when the printer wouldn’t print the 11th picture of its short lifetime. It wasn’t the cartridge though: neither of the 2 new cartridges worked. The printer itself is broken! We got the “Sharper Image phone printer as a gift 3 years ago and it’s still going strong. So…get it together Kodak. Photos are like your only job.

Angela Lapointe
Printer ok, service bad

The printer could've used the ability to print via USB but otherwise it's pretty neat. My big concern is were a small business who is planing on branching into selling ink and 3d printers to promote getting people to start their own small businesses. After working with the pricnics branch I'm unsure if I can consider Kodak as a viable option with customer support like this.

I understand that originally it was my fault that the order went through, but I had no ability to cancel it and 3 emails later the item was already at my door. (Kudos to your shipping time) I called and was told by that person they would look into sending me extra paper since that was the choice I was going to make had I been able to cancel my order. That didn't happen. Someone else responded. They confirmed that if I bought the extra paper they would credit me to make it so the paper only cost me 18$ so I did. I made sure I was buying exactly what I was told. I didn't add discounts (and amazon had it for cheaper even with discounts) but I trusted the person, even though it took days between responses. Only to now be ignored for 3 days after the paper arrived. I was already planing on testing all competitors and I will always be honest in my social media reviews.
The company that fulfilled my order does not seem to be upholding the standards I'd imagine your corporate office would expect. Please review and ask that they add a cancel button for customers in the future.

Thank you.

Miss Printed

I do on site printing and will have my printers on full display of the public and I will have to be honest about my experiences.

Vicki Owen

Love it

Sevanna Utesch
Love it

I love my printer