5 Creative Ways To Use Your Kodak Dock Plus Printer

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Nowadays, everything is digitized - even money! How many days has it been since you have held a physical copy of your photo? All we do these days is click pictures, share them, and post them - it’s all digital. 

But haven’t you ever wanted to print out the pictures you clicked with your friends & family? Doesn’t it sound like a good idea to make a photo album just like the old times? Yes, well Kodak Instant Photo Printers are very favored by everyone around the world to turn your digital photos into actual photos in your hand. Having a mini photo printer always comes in handy. 

Kodak Dock Plus Printer is one of the best portable photo printers around the world. It is very easy to set up and is very convenient to use. Kodak Dock Plus, being a Bluetooth Photo Printer, makes it very accessible to everyone. You can easily connect it to your phone and print any picture that you wish- this makes it one of the finest photo printers for phones, be it Android or IoS. Here are 5 creative ways you can use your Kodak Dock Plus Printer.

They’re Permanent

There is no doubt that the images you print on Kodak Dock Plus Printer are permanent. They are your souvenirs that will stay lifelong as Kodak’s printing technology makes them longer-lasting. Kodak prints out photos using the 4Pass technology which makes them fingerprint-proof, water-resistant, and more durable by keeping them laminated.

Images you print on Kodak Dock Plus Printer are permanent


We have all these photos of our childhood or our parents' childhood that are not of the best of qualities. With Kodak wireless photo printers we can easily re-print them and edit everything from lighting, saturation, and also shadows on the photo. All these editing options are in the Kodak Photo Printer app which the user needs to download to connect to the Kodak Dock Plus Printer



There is no denying that these printed photos make the best, personalized showpieces. There are so many DIY’s you can do with these printed photos- you can directly stick them on a wall in a heart shape to decorate, or attach them to a spring, add some fairy lights to make the room look cozy, arrange them in a grid or else just frame them. The decorative ideas are endless.


Vacation Partner

Vacations are the escape we all need and what better way to look back on them than through physical photos? Going on trips, we keep taking pictures on our phones, and having a Kodak Dock Plus printer with you will make it handy for you to convert all of them into lifelong memories.

Kodak Dock Plus PD460 Phoro Printer - A Perfect Vacation Partner

Personalized Calendar

Having your personalized calendar is something unique and very special. You can make a calendar for the year and you can personalize the pictures for the month. Kodak Dock Plus Printer prints in the ratio of 4x6 which will make your calendar look lovely.

make lovely Personalized Calendar with Kodak 4x6 photo printer

Kodak Dock Plus Printer has received positive feedback from all across the world and is one of the best portable instant photo printers available. These are not the only creative ways you can use Kodak Dock Plus there are many different ways you can use yours, go ahead and order yours today!

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