Why Should You Consider Giving An Instant Camera To A Friend?

Posted by Kodak Photo Printer

The gift-giving season is here which means it is time to find personal and memorable presents for your friends while keeping in mind their personalities and taste. And if you’re lazy or just indecisive, this task can be a little time-consuming and a little too overwhelming.

Well, fret not, we have a fun solution to put all your gifting worries to rest!

No matter how picky or distinct your friend’s taste, this gift will most certainly bring a smile to their face and it wouldn’t be too far-fetched to say that you will be on the fast track to become the group’s favorite.

We’re talking about none other than Kodak Polaroid Cameras. Kodak Mini Shot 2 Retro and Kodak Mini Shot 3 Retro, 2 in 1 instant camera printer does a fabulous job in clicking and printing your favorite moments in under 50 seconds. 

If your friend loves to click photos or you are looking to gift something that will stay with them for a long time, Kodak Instant Camera is a wonderful option. 

2 Features In 1 Device, Instant Camera + Instant Printer

Kodak Instant Cameras allow you to click and print photos anytime, anywhere within seconds. The wireless instant photo camera by Kodak is super compact, lightweight, and portable, which makes it a must-have for travel photography. You can also use the camera to print a photo just by connecting it to your smartphone via bluetooth.

2 features in 1 device - instant camera + instant printer - Kodak Photo Printer

Click & Print High-resolution Laminated Photos

Kodak Instant Camera uses its patented 4Pass technology to print high-quality laminated photos that stay intact for a lifetime. The photos are also fingerprint-proof and solar & water-resistant.

Click & print high-resolution laminated photos - Kodak Photo Printer

Low Paper Cost

The price per photo sheet for Kodak Mini Shot 2 Retro and Kodak Mini Shot 3 Retro is significantly less than for competitors' products. While in Kodak Mini Shot 2 Retro, each photo sheet costs 30 cents, other brands cost 70 cents. The cost per sheet for Kodak Mini Shot 3 Retro is also only 40 cents.

This way, in the long run, you end up saving a lot more with Kodak Instant Cameras.

Print photos in low paper cost - Kodak Photo Printer

See The Photo Before Printing

Kodak Mini Shot 2 and Mini Shot 3, 2 in 1 camera, come with a 1.7’’ LCD screen that allows you to preview the photo before printing. After looking at the photo on the screen, you can make a decision on whether or not you want to print it. This feature not only makes photography a lot more convenient but also allows you to make optimum use of the photo sheets.

preview the photo before printing - Kodak Photo Printer

Comes With A Pre-installed Cartridge Of 8 Photo Sheets

Kodak Instant Camera comes with a pre-installed cartridge of 8 photo sheets. Just take the camera out of the box and start clicking. 

The perks of having a Kodak instant camera are endless. 

  • You can click & print your photos instantly
  • Share the polaroid pictures with your friends as a reminder of the good times
  • It's very easy to use
  • And super compact & portable

So wait no more! Get one for your friend and if you are tempted you can invest in one for yourself too!

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