9+ Kodak Mini Shot Camera Features That Will Tempt You To Try Instant Photography

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If you're searching for a fun way to capture your special moments and also want to store them for a lifetime in your photo albums/scrapbook rather than your phone's memory, instant cameras are the way to go.

We can’t disagree with the fact that smartphones have changed the way we take and share photos, but at the same time, instant cameras do hold a unique, retro charm that makes them equally popular to date. 

Instant Photo Print Cameras come with several features that make these compact, handy, and portable devices a hit amongst all age groups. 

To start off, with 2 in 1 instant print cameras, you don’t have to wait for days to get printed photos. You can click and print your cherished moments in a snap anytime, anywhere without any delay.

Kodak Mini Shot Cameras give you the best of both worlds: Stellar quality photographs & a stunning retro design that makes it even more enjoyable to capture photos. 

Kodak Mini Shot portable camera, 2 in 1 camera + printer, allows you to capture the moment and save your memories for life. You can even share your favorite photos with your friends & family. We're confident they'll appreciate this thoughtful gesture.

The Kodak Mini Shot portable camera is ideal for anyone who enjoys traveling or taking a lot of photos. Here are the top 10 features that will add that extra oomph to your beautiful photos.

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Instant camera and photo printer at the same time

The Kodak Mini Shot 2 & Mini 3 Retro is a 2 in 1 camera printer that allows you to capture & print your memories instantly. Click or print, as you wish. The instant camera also comes with a selfie mirror, which in today’s day and age is every bit of a necessity.

Instant camera and photo printer at the same time - Kodak Photo Printer

Click & print high resolutions photos straight from your smartphone

Kodak Mini Shot portable cameras use state-of-the-art 4Pass technology to print high-quality laminated photographs in two sizes: 3x3 and 2.1x3.4, respectively. You don’t need a separate printer, simply click & print your photos in less than 50 seconds using the 2 in 1, camera + printer. You can connect your smartphone to the printer via Bluetooth and print high-quality images straight from your phone. Each photo is printed in layers of ribbon and then laminated, making it crystal clear and long-lasting.

Click & print high resolutions photos straight from your smartphone - Kodak Photo Printer

Edit the photos using the FREE Kodak mobile app

It’s time to unleash your inner artist! Download the FREE Kodak app and print your cherished moments anywhere, anytime! With the help of the app, you can personalize your memories with stickers, frames, filters, and more. The app is compatible with both Android & iOS devices. Connect the 2 in 1 camera printer to the app via Bluetooth and print away.

Edit the photos using the FREE Kodak mobile app - Kodak Photo Printer

Print in 2 ways - Border & Borderless 

When it comes to the style of the photos, the choice lies with you! You can select from two different frame modes to print your photos. You have the option to print the photographs with or without the border. 

Handy tip - You can print the photo with a border, and add a personalized message if you are planning to share it with your friends and family. 

Print in 2 ways - Border and Borderless - Kodak Photo Printer

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Photographs are resistant to water, sunlight, and fingerprints

Make your memories last a lifetime with high-quality laminated photographs that won't fade and can last up to 100 years. Yes, you read that right! The laminated photos are also water, solar, and fingerprint resistant, making the photos last very long compared to any photo printing technology.

Photographs are resistant to water, sunlight, and fingerprints - Kodak Photo Printer

Preview the photo before printing

You may print the shot of your choosing without wasting photo sheets with the Kodak Mini Shot instant cameras. Allow us to explain how. Well, the Kodak Mini Shot 2 Camera comes with a 1.7’’ LCD screen. So, you can preview the photo on the screen and choose to print what you like and cancel what you don’t.

Preview the photo before printing - Kodak Photo Printer

Low paper cost = Money saved

The Kodak Mini Shot Cameras have a low-maintenance cost. 60 sheets in Kodak Mini 2 Retro will cost you $19.99 however 60 sheets from other brands will cost you $40.50. Similarly in Kodak Mini Shot 3 Retro, 60 sheets will cost you $23.99, other brands will charge you $40.50. The price per film for Kodak is much lesser than other brands. If you love to click a lot of photos, you end up saving a lot of money with Kodak Instant Print Cameras.

Low paper cost - Money saved - Kodak Photo Printer

Compact, light & easy to carry

The Kodak Mini Shot portable camera is super lightweight and ideal for on-the-go use. You can take your camera with you everywhere you go and print your photos instantly. The instant camera can be your perfect traveling companion and is also excellent for gifting purposes

Compact, light & easy to carry - Kodak Photo Printer

FREE pre-installed cartridge 

Kodak instant camera printer comes with a pre-installed cartridge of 8 photo sheets. Take the instant camera printer out of the box and start clicking and saving memories. 

FREE pre-installed cartridge - Kodak Photo Printer

Quick printing speed

The Kodak Mini Shot Instant Camera can also be used to just print a photo. The camera printer can be connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth to print the photo of your choice. Select the photo you wish to print on your phone, edit it as per your liking, and press print. 

Here are a few reasons why you should experiment with instant photography:

  • Since instant photos can’t be edited and manipulated like digital photos, it allows you to appreciate imperfections.
  • It enables you to be fully present in the moment and to embrace the unexpected.
  • Instant photography allows you to see the image you captured and printed right away. It gives you instant feedback, allowing you to develop your skills with each click.
  • And it allows you to touch and experience memories through old photographs.

So, in a way, instant cameras and photo printers don’t just enable you to bring your photos to life instantly but also push you to improve your photography skills. 

Nothing is more precious than the moments in our lives. With Kodak Instant Camera Printers, you can capture those cherished moments at a moment’s notice and turn your photos into lasting memories in a matter of seconds! 

The holiday season is right around the corner, if you are looking for gifts for your friends or family members an instant camera printer is a good option for every age group. 

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