Top 10 Gifts You Can Create With Kodak's Mini 2 Photo Printer: Ideas for Fun & Affordable Gifts You Can Create Around The Holidays

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Photo Printers can be a fun way of playing around and experimenting. You can do pretty much anything you want with them with your imagination being your only limitation. Add the artistic freedom a Photo Printer permits you with the holiday season and you'll have even more countless opportunities to test your creativity skills.

Holidays are one of the most exciting times of the year. It's also the time when people inadvertently tend to get a little competitive. Everyone loves getting creative around the holidays. The thought of coming up with unique gifts/gestures for loved ones drives us all from the inside. We compete amongst one another to make sure that our gift is the best, isn't that true?

If that resonates with you, then you're in luck because in this blog, we'll be discussing some of the top 10 gifts you can come up with using your photo cameras. Check out our list of affordable Christmas gifts that make for the perfect holiday gift ideas.

All you'll need is some stationery and a Polaroid Photo Printer, such as the Kodak Mini 3 Retro. That, and a bit of creativity wouldn't hurt either!

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1. Photo Album

The first suggestion on our list is the most common one. A personalized photo album is so popular because it is an intimate gift and can really show how much you care. It is a collection of memories shared between two people to evoke a sense of nostalgia and affectionate reminiscing. It is an ideal way of expressing your feelings towards someone.

To make a good photo album, you'll need to print out your favorite pictures of the two of you together, get an empty album and order the pictures as per your desire. Go the extra mile by adding a fancy album cover and you'll come up with a gift that they'll cherish forever!

 Photo Album

2. Photo Collage

Don't have enough pictures for a photo book? That's alright, a photo collage is just as meaningful and it takes lesser time to make! Get a print of all the pictures you want to add to your collage and paste them in a messy, yet aesthetically pleasing manner across a giant board. Feel free to sprinkle some glitter or paste fancy tapes all over for added appeal!

Collages can be quite popular among young adults. They appreciate the effort behind your work as well as the sentimentality of your gesture.

Photo Collage

3. Photo Calendar

This is another special gift you can give someone this holiday season by making them a calendar for the New Year filled with the pictures of you two together! Simply choose 12 of your most preferred pictures and have them printed out by your Photo Printer. Next, get a calendar and paste these photos each individual month to successfully complete this gift.

A photo calendar is an excellent way for them to think of you whenever they're looking up the date. It's also a very practical and useful gift that will help them keep track of days.

Photo Calendar

4. Photo Locket

Photo lockets are another great way to gift someone this holiday season. These lockets are eye catching and quite a treat to behold. They are bound to leave a lasting impression on the recipient of the locket and they'll start looking at you more favorably.

Lockets are a sort of fashion fad these days and so a personalized locket will amplify the fashion statement that much more!

Photo Locket

5. Photo Shoot

If you're the sort of person who likes to keep things light then this is the perfect solution for you. How about simply dressing up, posing with one another and printing out the results? Make memories and take stunning shots with resulting beautiful printed pictures to look back on!

The Kodak Instant Photo Printers are exceptionally capable of printing vivid and bright portraits that are extremely durable and can last for up to a 100 years.

Photo Shoot

6. Room Decor

Give the room of your loved ones a makeover with a string of pretty pictures that are filled with memories and moments worth remembering. It will add a meaningful touch to the room while ensuring your memories aren't forgotten.

Choose up to as many pictures as you want to print and then decorate them in the most aesthetically pleasing way. You can paste them against the walls or string them along using a thread and leave them to hang - whichever works best for you!

7. Personal Photo Frames

You can take gifting to the next level this holiday season by opting to give your close ones a photo frame with a picture together! As simple as it may sound, this gesture is actually pretty meaningful as you browse through a ton of photos and eventually decide on the right one.

The photo frame may also be decorated by pasting things like flowers or seashells on them to increase the degree of personalisation.

Personal Photo Frames

8. Family Tree

This gift is most suitable for large families that may or may not live together. It is an excellent way for little kids to learn about their ancestral lineup.

Families are so important. The best part about creating a family tree using an Instant Photo Printer is that you may add it on a wall or in a book or wherever else you may see fit.

Family Tree

9. Personalized Holiday Photocard

Photocards are commonly sent out to all relatives and friends especially during the holiday season. So why not make this year memorable by printing out a special picture truly worthy of the holiday celebrations?

Personalized Holiday Photocard

10. Photo Lights

Another way you can put your Photo Printer to use is by printing out your favorite images and passing a string of light through them. Use these lights to redecorate your Christmas tree or just leave them suspended through the air. It will illuminate the room as well as display memories worth remembering!

Photo Lights

Those are our ten favorite ways to put our Photo Printers to use. Let us know which ones you're planning to replicate this holiday season!

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